Last updated April 2023

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Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife
Phone (800) 858-1549
Ask to speak to staffer handling scientific collecting permits

Is a state permit required for banding?

Yes. The regulation (below) states “(2) “Collected”, “Collecting”, or “Collection” means any sampling activity that removes, even temporarily, any protected wildlife from the wild in Kentucky.”

Permit application forms

State lands

Instructions and application for working on state lands

Prior notice

Check permit conditions. As a matter of good practice, it is always a good idea to consult the land owner or manager before working in a particular location, so as to avoid conflicts with management activities, prior scheduled uses of the property, with the general public, and to assure the safety of the researcher and field assistants.


301 KAR 4:070. Scientific and educational collecting permits.

Endangered Species

301 KAR 3:061. Endangered species of fish and wildlife.

List of State Threatened and Endangered Species