Ornithological & Related Professional Meetings


7 Nov – 12 Nov The Raptor Research Foundation will hold its 2017 annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah


9 Apr – 14 Apr The American Ornithological Society will meet at the Hilton El Conquistador hotel in Tucson, Arizona
7 Jun – 9 Jun The Association of Field Ornithologists and the Wilson Ornithological Society will meet jointly at the Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee
19 Aug – 26 Aug The 27th International Ornithological Congress will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Society of Canadian Ornithologists / Société des Ornithologistes du Canada will hold its annual meeting as part of the congress


22 June – 28 June The American Ornithological Society will meet in Anchorage, Alaska

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