Last updated March 2023

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Arizona Game & Fish Department
Christina Kondrat, Permits Biologist

5000 W. Carefree Hwy
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Phone (623) 236-7625
Fax (623) 236-7939

IMPORTANT: (Email recommended to reduce unnecessary delays in the application process.  In the subject line include the SCL holder’s last name and, if renewing, license # (e.g. Jones, SP789665))

Is a state permit required for banding?


Permit application forms

  • Instructions
  • Application Form (note – you have download first in order to open the document)
  • Renewal – same as original application form
  • Salvage – if requested; no separate permit for salvage needed
  • If you plan to hold live birds taken under a scientific collecting permit after the scientific collecting permit expires, you will need a wildlife holding license 

Endangered species

Arizona does not have its own endangered species statute

In Arizona, a scientific collecting license is required (in addition to any federal permits)   to conduct vocalization playback, handling, manipulating or collection of any threatened & endangered or federally protected species.

State lands

Additional permits and/or permission from the land owner/manager or resource management agency may be required for access to conduct activities and/or collecting on National Park Service, National Wildlife Refuge, Department of Defense, Native American (Indian reservations), State Parks, State Monuments, or private lands.

Prior notice

Consult with landowner or manager.


See R12-4-418 for the regulations related to Scientific Collecting Permits