Guidelines to the use of wild birds in research ~ 3rd Edition (2010)

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Coming soon: we are currently in the process of reviewing the literature for new papers published since the 2010 publication of the current edition. A list for each chapter will be made available below and once all chapter updates have been received, a new PDF of the Guidelines with the new references will be compiled and available here. 

Chapter index

Ch2-Impacts of Investigator Presence
Ch3-Capture and Marking
Ch5-Captive Management
Ch6-Minor Manipulative Procedures
Ch7-Major Manipulative Procedures
Ch8-Scientific Collecting

2018 Supplement: Summary of literature on the use of small unmanned aircraft

Suggested citation

Fair, J., E. Paul, and J. Jones, Eds. 2010. Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research. Washington, D.C.: Ornithological Council

With the publication of the 2010 revision of Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research, the print version is discontinued. We encourage you to cite the internet version by including the URL and the date accessed, including the given date of any updates.

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